New Web Shop online !!!

May I proudly present my new web shop...

In the past I only had a Reverb and Etsy shop. I was taking direct orders of course, but only through email. From now on you will be able to order directly from my webshop. Payments are safely secured through 'Stripe' so everything has been taken care of.

My shops will remain active on the other platforms for now, but I prefer to take direct orders, because of the high fees at Reverb and Etsy.

Limited edition Diabolik Fuzz

Meet the Diabolik Fuzz. Based on the Maestro Fuzz Tone, the first fuzz pedal ever, and named after a movie from the same era.

This limited run of Diabolik Fuzzies is powered by a matched set of three old stock germanium transistors. Every set of transistors was carefully measured, matched, biased and tested into the circuit to get maximum tone.

The Diabolik is by no means a quiet beast. It’s a loud, raunchy and highly temperamental fuzz pedal. It’s based on the Maestro FZ-1 but there are some of our own tweaks to the circuit.

New Fat Cat Overdrive

I'm glad to anounce our brand new classic overdrive.

The Sonic Fields Fat Cat Overdrive is an opamp based overdrive pedal. It has a 3-band EQ instead of a standard tone control and there's a blend control to blend in some clean signal, which makes it suitable for both electric and bass guitar or even acoustic guitar.

This overdrive can be transparent and almost clean or full driven with an EQ shaped to taste and everything in between.