Other Pedal Mods

Ibanez TS-808 True Bypass mod / switch replacement


First of all, why would you mod your TS-808 to true bypass? The buffer inside this pedal is not so bad at all.

Well, there are some situations where you could choose to perform the mod:

1. Your original switch breaks down. They are quite expensive to replace, but it is possible if you prefer this option off course!

2. You already have too many buffers in your chain.

3. You prefer all your pedals to be True Bypass.

- True bypass mod: €35,00

- True bypass mod + changing LED color: €40,00

- Original switch replacement: €40,00

Electro Harmonix Small Stone Volume mod


My personal favourite when it comes to phasers!

One big issue that many of them suffer from is a severe volume drop when you engage them. Fortunately this problem can be solved.

I prefer to perform the mod with two trimpots so you can tweak to taste. The first trimpot sets the overall level. Due to the nature of the circuit, there's a chance you get some self-oscillation when you turn up the level. The second trimpot sets the feedback, so you can get rid of this problem. It's just a matter of finding the balance you like.

- Volume mod: €30,00

Electro Harmonix Holy Grail 8-modes mod


The EHX Holy Grail Reverb, a personal favourite, holds a little secret. The stock version offers you three modes: Spring, Hall and Flerb. However, the chip inside the pedal is ready for more ambient goodness! You can get 5 hidden modes, including a shorter spring reverb, a darker reverb and a bathroom reverb.

I also prefer to make the 'Reverb' control a little less extreme in the first half. It's included in the price, so just let me know what you prefer.

- 8-modes mod: €45,00

- 'Boss-style' DC jack: €20,00

- Full option (8-modes + DC jack): €60,00 

MXR Blue Box mods


Maybe it's not for everyone, but you just gotta love that glitchy octave down fuzz tones!

Many users of the MXR Blue Box dislike the fact that it only delivers unity gain, you just don't get enough juice out of it... Some people perform the 'C12' mod you can find online, where you just have to remove one capacitor, but it just changes the character from the pedal too much to my taste. I prefer to build in an extra boost circuit at the output, based on the ZVex SuperHardOn, which enhances the tone of the pedal and can make it really loud if you want it to!

Another mod that can be quite interesting is the sub-octave mod. With this mod I'll add an extra switch to toggle between 1 or 2 octaves down.

- Boost mod: €35,00

- Sub-octave mod: €30,00

- Full option (boost + sub-octave): €55,00