Wah/Volume Pedal Mods

CryBaby Mods



The Jim Dunlop CryBaby is a great wah, but there's still room for improvement.

First of all there's some tonesuck in bypass mode. This can be fixed by making the wah TrueBypass.

I also recommend to remove the buffer, since this takes away the shrill trebles from the wah.

- True Bypass + buffer removal: €37,5

- True Bypass without buffer removal: €37,5

- True bypass mods + LED: €45,00

- Other mods (more bass or mids, vocal mod, ...) on simple request!

Ernie Ball Active Volume Pedal Mod


As an industry standard, the Volume pedal line from Ernie Ball can be found on many pedalboards. However, depending on placement in your chain it can cause quite some tonesuck, especially when connecting a tuner to the second output. With our Active Volume Pedal Mod you'll get rid of this problem, by placing an opamp buffer inside the pedal.

- Always on buffer: €50,00

- Buffer with on/off switch: €60,00

- LED in colour of preference: +€5,00