One-off Pedals

One-Off Pedal builts

Sometimes when I'm feeling up to it, I build some one-off pedals or devices.

If I decide to sell some of them, you'll find them here.

Ruby Ranger

Amp & Rangemaster in one package


- Germanium transistor based Treble booster with added 'Range' control, just like our Sonic Ranger pedal.

- 1 Watt amp as a bonus with 'gain' and 'master' controls. Goes from almost clean to crunch. Works best with an 8 Ohm speaker cab.

- Separate ins & outs for both circuits. Link them with the included patch cable or trow some of your favourite modulation or delay pedals between the treble booster and the amp.

- Works with a standard 9V Boss-style power supply.

- Built in an old Microphone Mixer enclosure.

!!! SOLD !!!