Standard True Bypass Loopers



A bypass looper comes in handy when you’re organising your pedalboard. It can be useful for many different things.

Sometimes you just want to be able to switch several pedals on and off at once. Off course you can choose to do the tapdance thing, but with this dual looper you can make a group of effects.

Or you have some effects like let’s say a Kaoss Pad that doesn’t have a footswitch. Put these in a looper so they’re switchable.

Or you just have some pedals that are sucking life out of your tone in bypass mode. It doesn’t mean these are bad pedals, but your clean signal will sound dull, so it’s better to take them out of the signal chain.

- Single looper €50

- Dual looper €70 (Currently out of stock...)

- Triple looper €90 (Currently out of stock...)

Feedback Loopers



This one is for all of you noise freaks, postrockers, soundscapers, …

Without ‘Feedback function’ you can use this pedal as a simple True Bypass loop, which comes in handy when you’re organising your pedalboard.

With 'Feedback function’ engaged, the pedals in the loop will start oscillating, because the output signal is feeding back into the input of the loop, which can deliver you the weirdest, crazy noise. Some pedals will work great in the feedback loop, others will sound like crap or won't oscillate at all. Even what you put in front of the feedback loop, or the settings on your guitar will change the sound of the feedback looper drastically, so you'll have to experiment a lot to get some usable sounds, but once you find the right settings for your setup, you’ll get into some beautiful or at least strange Sonic Fields.

Single looper with feedback function:

- On a footswitch €85 (Currently out of stock...)

- On a toggleswitch €80 (Currently out of stock...)

Dual Looper with Order Switch



Can't decide in which order you want some of your pedals? Put one or more pedals in each loop and change the order of the pedals depending on what sound you're after.

With this dual looper you can make 2 different groups of effects. You can switch between them or you run them both at the same time.

An added bonus on this one is the order switch. You can change the order of the loops, which can change the sound quiet drastically in some cases. One of my own favourite applications for example is changing the order of a reverb and a tremolo pedal.

€90 (Currently out of stock...)

Blender with switchable Buffer


Ever thought about adding a parallel effectsloop to your pedalboard?

Add freaked out effects without losing definition, or use it to add some effects to acoustic guitar, bass guitar or any other instrument without losing your core tone.

The Blender pedal 'Wet' and 'Dry' controls for your clean and effected signal. It's an active circuit to make sure your tone doesn't suffer any signal loss AND there's a toggle switch to choose between buffered and true bypass.

€115 (B-Stock at €100)