Small pedalboard friendly sized buffer. Fits under your pedaltrain.

Do you need a buffer? Here's a simple test:

Connect your guitar straight into your amp with a short cable. Then connect your normal setup, all pedals in standby mode. No difference at all? Great, no buffer needed! Too much tonesuck for your taste? Try out a buffer to bring back that sparkle and life in your guitar tone…

This buffer is a very quiet opamp based unity gain buffer. It has a high impedance input and a very low impedance output to drive a long signal chain. 

No on/off switch, just experiment where in your chain it fits best and leave it alone. Some people prefer to put it at the front of the chain, some people like it more after the drive pedals, … No rules here! (Sidenote: Most Fuzz faces don’t like buffers in front…)


Expression Controllers

(For Line6 and other brands)



Check this one out! If you connect this little box to the expression input of your Line6 DL-4, MM-4, FM-4, DM-4 or AM-4 you can save double presets (within the same mode).

These controllers are designed to use with the Line 6 modeler series, but they also work perfectly with many other pedals with expression out.

The Jesus Box is battery powered, the Little Buddha is external (9V) powered.

- 'Jesus Box' €60 (Currently out of stock...)

- 'Little Buddha' €45




Footswitches with a pedalboard friendly footprint.

Our standard footwitches are latching switches with indicator LED. These will work with many amps.

Some other amps only work with a momentary switch, so make sure to check your manual before ordering.

Momentary footswitches are available as a standard version without LED. However, we can make them with LED as a custom order.

- Single latching with LED €35 (Currently out of stock)

- Dual latching with LED €50 (Currently out of stock)

- Single momentary, no LED €35

Tap Tempo Boxes



Small, pedalboard friendly sized taptempo boxe, available as 'normally closed' or 'normally open' with a soft momentary switch.

- Normally open is suitable for most pedal brands.

- Normally closed will work with Boss pedals (and some other brands)

- If you need one for a Strymon pedal, please contact me.

On request I also build taptempo boxes with polarity switch or multi-tap boxes with two or three tap outputs and all the polarity options you need (normally open, normally closed or Strymon).

- Soft touch NO or NC €35

- Multi-tap only on request