Sonic Ranger



Our Sonic Ranger is a germanium transistor based Rangemaster Treble Boost with an added 'Range' control to go from classic treble boost to full range boost.

- Range and Master controls
- Gemanium transistor, carefully selected for the right gain and low leakage
- Point-to-point wiring


SHOwer Boost



Mosfet clean boost, Super Hard On based. Use it as a solo boost, gain boost or an always on pedal to add some sparkle to your tone.

- Crackle Okay Volume control
- Hand wired
- Neutrik jacks
- Available in Powder Blue or Seafoam Green


Fat Cat Guitar/Bass Overdrive



The Sonic Fields Fat Cat Overdrive is a classic JRC4558 opamp based overdrive pedal. It has a 3-band EQ instead of a standard tone control and there's a blend control to blend in some clean signal, which makes it suitable for both electric and bass guitar or even acoustic guitar.

This overdrive can be transparent and almost clean or full driven with an EQ shaped to taste and everything in between.

- Controls: Drive, Blend, Level, Body (Low), Punch (Mid) and Attack (High)
- JRC4558 opamp
- Lumberg jacks
- Alpha pots