Guitar electronics

Harley Benton Jazzmaster




The Harley Benton is a great mod platform if you want an affordable Jazzmaster style guitar with P90's.

I replaced all the electronics in mine:

- Tonerider Vintage P90 pickups

- Orange Drop cap

- CTS pots and

- Switchcraft toggle switch

- Neutrik jack

Great value pickups, they really cut through the band mix!

Fender Marcus Miller JazzBass




I had a customer who wanted some mods and repairs for his beautiful Japanese Marcus Miller signature bass.


First of all, the bass needed a new jack, since it was falling apart after all those years.


He also wanted a preamp upgrade. We decided to make him a Sadowsky style preamp, replaced the treble and bass pots and shielded the pickguard and cavity to make it a little more quiet.


Sounds amazing! Thight bass tones, punchy mids, clear highs!

Strat wiring




This stratocaster had a broken tone potentiometer and was a little noisy. I cleaned up the wiring a bit, fixed the tone control, replaced the flimsy jack with a Switchcraft and gave the pickguard and cavity some extra shielding.


Great pickup configuration in this one, all Seymour Duncan:

- APS-2 in the neck for a somewhat rounder, yet vintage tone

- SSL-2 in the middle to get that strat tone in position 2 and 4

- SSL-3 high output screaming single coil in the bridge